Giving Honour to God:

We at His and Pages Awards and Podium Company are honored to serve your ministries with lecterns, pulpits, podiums and communion tables that please God in their design, which are based on what happened at Calvary on Super Sunday.


Inspired Design – All His and Pages products are designed by Jeron L. Page, an acrylic artist with more than ten years experience producing visionary designs inspired by his deep religious faith. To personalize His and Pages designs, custom-engraved logos or other graphic or printed information can be added to any of our products.           

Superior MaterialsHis and Pages podiums and clipboards are made of the finest quality materials available. Instead of the ½” material more commonly used, His and Pages uses ¾” and 1” acrylic that has been cast rather than extruded, producing products that exhibit better light reflection and greater durability than the more conventional material.

Thank You
Jeron L. Page